Enrollment Procedures

We accept enrollment any day of the week. The minute you think about obtaining a license, you can apply.

● Reception Hours

Monday to Thursday
and Saturday
10:15〜20:00(Friday Closed)
Holiday 10:15〜18:00

● Required Documents

Entrance Application Form Please fill in the required documents (with your personal seal) and send us the form along with the application fees.
Picture 5 pictures for Regular and Large Motor Vehicles; 4 pictures for any other type of vehicle. Note: pictures can be taken at the school.
Drivers License or Certificate of Residence Document with permanent (residence) address listed; Certification of foreigners’ registration card (certificate of alien registration) is needed for foreign residents. For those who have licenses with permanent (residence) address listed, a certificate of residence is unnecessary.
※For those with residence registry cards, residential registry card, either a student identification card or any other identity verification documents is required.

● Entrance Day

Monday 10:15 / 18:05
Wednesday 10:15 / 18:05
Saturday 10:15 / 18:05

You can select an entry day in order of application.

● Entrance Qualifications

Ordinary Motor Vehicle 18 and over (you may register a month before your 18th birthday)
Large Size Motorcycle 18 and over (you may register a month before your 18th birthday)
Regular Size Motorcycle 16 and over (you may register a month before your 16th birthday)
Middle Sized Motor Vehicle For those who are 20 and over and have obtained an Ordinary Motor Vehicle license for over 2 years.

● Withdrawal and Cancellations

Please understand that refunds are not given to those withdrawing from the school for reasons of one's own.

Methods of Payment

Single Lump Sum Payment
Please pay the total amount on the day of registration or the day of your entry.
Credit Card
You may use VISA.Master.銀聯.楽天
※ You may not use the following: JCB, Diners, and American Express
License Loan
We offer a maximum 36 month License Loan (entrance and other starting fees are also required).
We also offer special loans where first payments start up to 6 months after enrollment. The above may be used for ordinary motor vehicle and motorcycle licenses.
We accept the following five credit card companies for loans: JACCS, Orico, and APLUS.